You will find here all the major features of our plugin.

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Uni2D v2.1 Improvements

hybrid oneclickphysic Unity2D

Hybrid Skinning GPU/CPU system

2D physics support

Unity 2D integration

Deform the physic with the visual and bake static draw!

Addition of the native Unity's Box 2D implementaion

Use Uni2D in perfect combination with Unity2D layers

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Uni2D Workflow

dragdrop multisel Playmaker

Drag and drop



Create your sprites simply faster than ever.

Don't loose time to apply mass modifications.

Finite State Machine by Playmaker compliant.

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Uni2D Renderering and Optimizations

hullmesh multiatlas pxperfect

Mesh and hull render

One click multi atlas

Pixel perfect

Save fillrate and bring polygonal render.

Amazing new easy combinable atlas solution.

Don't loss quality, eliminate interpolations

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Uni2D Animation

spriteanim preview smooth

Sprite animation

Animation preview

Squeletal animator

Giving life to your sprite is now a pleasure.

The finest way to test your animations.

Amazing soft deformation animation system.

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Uni2D Physics

collidergen oneclickphysic compoound

Interactive Collider Generator

One-click Physics

Compound Physic

Create body shape auto-magically and interactivly!

Set-up your physic solution in one click!

 Now you can makes collide everything

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